Monday, December 14, 2009

If Stevie can do why can’t I?

Eric has out ridden me ever since we met ten years ago in Tofino. He would take me on his local trails in Ucluelet that I’d rather walk because there is no trail - just gaps and blind drops.

“Stevie did it why can’t I” was Erics reasoning when he hit the 30ft gap at Mount Prevost with Steve Smith this Saturday. Steve cleaned it but poor Eric Failed miserably and is now accepting any xmas gifts early!

eri gap 002

This is a great time to call out the reality of this sport…Inherent risk!  Everything breaks, material has fatigue points and breaking stuff is actually fun and the name of the game. The Cove Shocker Frame and Straitline parts are fine but the rim and headset got devoured from the impact.


eri gap 001

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