Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Alan Hepburn is swell!

Alan Hepburn is from Australia but lives here in BC every summer because in his homeland all of the girls won’t leave him alone! So… he comes to Canada to hang out in the woods with men. 

That's Alan on the bottom!


Actually Alan is all man with bigger ones than most on a bike, I even tempted fate with Alan last month in Squamish while heading up to Whistler.  We drive up to the local beer store, I went in for the beer but Alan went to find some Growers Berry cider in a 2 liter! The actual words out of his mouth were “oh Berry” lol, so I stood by him for support, more so a defensive position. Everyone around us in the small store looked very Squamish with their cases of Lucky under arm but we stuck together confident in our man hood I even picked up a bottle… but in Pear!! Now  That definitely takes big ones not just to do it but to admit it online!

But while Alan is here hanging out he makes sick ass videos and relentless photo shoots for his sponsors. Coach at Camp of Champions and a full on Privateer in every sense, just riding and progressing on his own terms.

alan cover


pod alan hepburn

I guess what I am getting at is guys like Alan set the bar pretty high for sponsorship and I hope some people are reading this before emailing companies for free gear!  Takes a lot of backing up and guys like Alan back it up by traveling around attending Events!



alan step 

Love this little video edit of Alan with Chris and Tim! Alan can hear a shutter clicking from 300 meters and always has his Blue Steel pose ready!

Local  Video maker Aaron Laroque is also soon to drop a video featuring Alan riding full components on his Banshee’s!, Casey Groves, Dustin Greenhall and a ton of local boys are in it too, you may have seen It pop up on Pinkbike the other day, it and blew everyone away when they leant this will be a free video for all to download!!


alan whats next cover

Check it out!

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