Thursday, June 11, 2009

Freeride Park is open next week!!!



We are 80 percent complete in all phases!!

Andrew Mitchell and Kyle Michell have been slaving away in this park for the past two weeks making the final push on the park! Mark Mathews was their master raker until he broke his hand!!
Go and enjoy this park on June 16th, it encompasses every skill and fitness level and has been 100 percent built on peoples passion to introduce to you what biking really is and how it can benefit your life. Sounds cheesy but it is true, get in there and enjoy it and a huge thanks to all the volunteers and all of the donations to the Friends of North Saanich Freeride Society!

So June 16th we expect to be 100 percent open in all the new phases only leaving the Pro line and the much anticipated dual slalom course to be built which requires material and funding for completion!

Remember riding this park before the opening date JUNE 16TH is illegal and will result in further delays in the parks opening. Please respect this and wait until it is ready, we have worked very hard to acheive this and it would be a shame to have it closed due to a few people who decide to jump the fence.

Other than that get ready for a fun summer!

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