Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fogel's Summer Adventure 3

The saga continues, with another unreal summer of road tripping around North America! It started with spending a few days at my buddy Christian Wright's house in Auburn, shredding his local trails and backyard set-up. I continued east to Vail, Colorado for the Teva Mountain Games, which was a good time as always. Cody Gessel showed me around for a day in Utah, and I continued up to Victoria before Camp of Champions started in Whistler. Camp was amazing, making a ton of new friends and riding the mountain everyday until we couldn't anymore. They even got a wicked night session going at the compound, which was a nice escape from the heat! Colorado Freeride Festival was next on the list, with Sam Dueck and I shredding down there in the ol' Ranger. The weather was crazy, but they were able to run the contest, and the next weekend everyone met up on the Island for the Bearclaw Invitational. Reece Wallace, Paul Genovese, and I made it into the Pro slopestyle after competing in the Am comp, and we had a blast on the big course. My result there got me an invite to Red Bull Joyride, which was exciting to say the least, so it was gladly back to Whistler for the final chapter of the trip. It was great chilling and riding casually for the week before slopestyle, but soon enough it was here and the nerves set in. I ended up qualifying for the big show, but unfortunately couldn't manage to get a clean run down when it came to it. I took a good spill on my last run, and was ready to finally return home. Right when I got back, my Dad took me out sailing and Eddie Money happened to be playing at the beach!
The whole trip went absolutely perfectly and I'm grateful for every bit of it! I'm thankful to be surrounded with so many supportive and great people to share it all with! I took my trusty GoPro along for the ride, and just finished editing all of the clips. Click full screen, sit back, and enjoy!

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