Wednesday, February 13, 2008

North Saanich Freeride Park.

It has been a hush hush event for some time as we dialed in all the details for this park. Below is a Ariel shot of the land, lots of trees and dirt.

We have just set up a blog for the park, excuse its lack of beauty but it works for now. Not much going on for content but we will get that sorted soon.

This park is from a lot of peoples efforts and hundreds of hours of work. Municipality of North Sannich, Sidney Waterfront Inn, AJ Finlayson Architects and us at Straitline Comp & Mark and George Mathews the founders, got our buts in gear to make this happen.

Now we are ready to break ground with the help of John Plant Excavating and Kyle Michell the designer of the 07 BMX worlds course.
Kyle just flew in last night from Spain where he was building a UCI course and soon back off to Europe then Asia to build more. Stoked to have him help us out.
Drew Mitchell member of Cove Bikes DH team is lending his small little hands and also helping in course designs with his big heart!

Bounce over to the truly ghetto blog here and please bookmark it and keep an eye on this site. We are going to go big, this not another generic park, with in 2 years we will be enclosing it and best of all this is a free public park.

Pumps tracks, double downs, double diamond advanced jumps, tree riding and of course every level and style of jumps will be there. We even have a legion right down the strip!

Thanks to Whistler Blackcomb Sign Division for all the help!!

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Anonymous said...

hey so when abouts do you think this will be finished and how can i help out?

Straitline Components said...

Hey there, the park will have a "soft" opening roughly timed with Spring Break this year. Once we have achieved that we will be building our pump tracks and advanced designs next then moving on to the intermediate areas.

Basically we need help in all areas, our committee is strong and motivated but certain key go getters are needed for simple things like maintaining the blog/website, organizing events and local media.

We are not making a standard park so lots of volunteers are needed come work days to help shape the pump tracks.

Best to email me at for more information.

Thanks for the interest!