Sunday, February 24, 2008

This is a CNC machine!

Above is a sample of what Dennis just made on a Haas VF2, it just looked cool so I posted it up but below is the new machines in action.

And to keep up with every ones expectations of me, I posted yet another shitty video- but this time not sideways. We do not piss excellence, our machines do!

This is basically Machinist Porn, not one video exist online of a Mori Seiki NH4000 in action let alone one with a pallet cell. This machine reputably one of the worlds fastest production machines and we use it exclusively for the bike division so if you are riding on our gear it came from this machine, be proud!

I will save you from the boring tech and just let you watch the machine tear into some material.
This is our test run of the pallet cell, you can see it is obviously not an optimal program and we are still awaiting the rest of the tombstones. Once we have them all in place we will make another video that will blow you away, this machine is nuts.


Anonymous said...

The videos are nice. And your products are very cool. Not to piss up a rope here, just don't want your hard work to loose credibility. As I remember, the last time I was in the Haas factory Jan. 2008. I don't recall seeing a single Mori Seiki machine. They sure could have one somewhere in the 1 million square feet factory, but deffinately not "one of Mori's biggest clients". I do remember other brands, and also remember that anywhere they can use their own equipment they do. I highly suggest visiting the Haas factory, they give tours to anyone that visits the factory. It is absolutely the most impressive machine tool builder I've visited. That's including the builders I've visited in Japan.

Straitline Components said...

Awesome, who do you think supports all of Haas's Hitachi Seiki Equipment? Mori Seiki. When Haas needs a part Mori makes it. We have own and have owned and return a brand new HAAS horizontal EC40. Not dissing Haas and I took your comment to Heart and in fairness edited a part of the post. But... I would place the mories on the far end of the factory too.