Monday, September 14, 2009

Eurobike /Playboy

I am so late posting about Eurobike and most people have done a better job exposing what's new and all that.  The boys over at have compiled a great list of coverage. Just go there and save me the trouble !! SICKLINES COMPLILATION

All I have is this… a picture of me hoisting up our Spanish distributor Luis while Dennis insults him!  It is a fun show, really all about building relation ships.

Sept 09 019

I find it boring really going over the same old stuff, but we  did drop our new silent chain guide device that was very well received. Weight/ price and the fact that it is silent and actually works was all people needed to know stoked to release it next month to the masses. Below is showing the Kawasaki racing green sliders but we plan to make 4 color options but keep the bash and boomerang matt black.

32th  –36th and only 176 grams gets you a complete guide 32th -36th including the bash guard that is made out of 7000 aluminum and 205 grams for the 36-40 th version.


By far the coolest highlight of the show was being contacted by the German division of Playboy for a web segment in their magazine, who says no to that? 

Take a look here for the promo video – PLAYBOY GERMANY  It will play automatically and please go to full page for better screening.  18 plus!


Not even joking… click here to see the video  PLAYBOY GERMANY / STRAITLINE


Anonymous said...

to sum up that video in one word... wowholyfuck. an advertisment doesn't get much better than that!

Straitline Components said...

Ya, it is all in who you know! It is totally just a prank i had a friend pull, wish I was that connected! Had a lot of people fooled though I impressed even myself with this one!