Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ben Cathro wins the final UK NPS

Just got in from Vegas Interbike and had this email pop in from Stu over at MTBCUT 

The MTBCUT team slayed it this year setting the bar pretty dam high for sponsorship and what you do to HELP grow a brand by having fun and paying it forward!


Hey dude,

Awesome to see you last week, I need to get down to editing that killer video we made!!

Cathro won the final UK NPS last week and wrote a little blog on it, podium photo below as well...  Run it on your blog if you like.




2009, well it's been a good year for myself. I've pulled some sweet results out of the bag and had a flippin marvelous time as well. It was my first year riding for MTBCut/Cyclejersey and let me be the first to say it was a pleasure. We've had some blazing results this year and some good laughs as well.


After all the highs and lows through the year the team found itself in a quiet valley in southern Wales for the final round of the NPS series. Rheola is a track I've ridden before and it is also a track I wasn't too keen on. It was pretty much 1 line flat out in a rut the whole way. Race over I can officially say it's one of the best tracks I've raced on in Britain. The guys who reworked the track added in some awesome, fresh, gnarly, rooty sections which gave the track some variation and just added a whole lot of rad to the situation.


Myself and Barnes were fresh back from Europe and were feeling good on the bikes, Coatesy was feeling strong after posting some record power outputs in testing, Hutchens was pumped to have a pink 225 to rag down the hill and James as always was stoked to be there. Practice was real good fun on the fresh bits of track as it changed every run. I was all over this new super booter the builders had erected which meant I could bring out the superior pencil skills and entertain the crowd/myself.


Racing went pretty well for the team. Coatsey put in a solid result which secured him 3rd overall in senior. James had the biggest stack in seeding but manned up and just missed the junior podium in 6th. Hutchens had a bad day at the office and was O.T.A. Joe had a pretty good run and scored 5th in Elite and I scored myself a victory which rounded out my season quite nicely.

This has been one hell of a year and I've got to be lame and thank a few guys because they're the people that make it all happen. So obviously cheers to Stu and Brian for keeping us bunch of weapons rubber side down. Thanks to Orange Mountain Bikes for supplying us with the best frames out there. Thanks to Hope, IXS, Straitline, Hotlines, Silverfish and Madison for supplying us with the only kit you'd ever want to run. Big thanks to anyone else who's helped out along the way, you're all legends. Oh yeh, also wee man, I love you too.

If anyone wants me over the winter I'll be in the gym.

See you next year.


Fort William Red Route overview


Cathro Bike check

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