Monday, February 13, 2012

Mike Montgomery riting letterz n stuff.


Mike just got back from an event in Austria and hit up Vail for the Teva Winter Games hosted by Our Mr Jeff Lenosky. Check out the links below in his update!

Sup peeps! here is a lil update of how this past weekends festivities went!

being from SD i never really ever get to be 100%freezing(thankfully) but despite the cold and really crappy snow conditions

i managed to pull out a 65ft-70ft frontflip in the big air event at the teva winter games witch landed me a 2nd. stoked cause i lost to chad kagy not just another dude i see at each i couldnt complain. here are a few video and photo links! enjoi (rad fronty pic),428,11817/970biking,307


-Mike Montgomery-

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