Thursday, September 30, 2010

Casey Groves and his Virginity!


The Pinkbike Crew popped up a touching Casey story where he defends his Virginity

Crankworx Whistler - Ian Hylands Photo

Casey is at the Rampage raking and building as we speak and is pumped on life. He emailed me on FB and told me how awesome he is -

“Yeah that's why I haven't emailed you haha you've been gonzo for a month. I got an invite a week after crankworx. Pretty stoked. I'm running Ti Grey Pedals and a 50mm pinch clamp stem in black. My bike is P.I.M.P.!
Its a Redbull event so they don't have you fill out forms for sponsors listings and stuff. Ridiculous I know!
I have been stepping up to the plate in slopestyle events all year around dude. I'm 8th in the world right now on FMBA and I came podium in every event but Goatstyle, which isn't major.”


Check out his new digs.

Click this link and check out what he has to say about being invited to the Rampage after earning his invite with his Krankworks podium!