Thursday, November 18, 2010

Andi Wittman made a sick ass video!

I was in Vancouver Airport a few months back when Andi emailed me these crazy heli shots from a shoot he finished up. I was on my way to Germany for Eurobike where Andi was actually hanging out in our booth with a bunch of other hip brands that gather with us every year. It was there when he showed me video footage to back up the shots he just showed me but it was a rough mini teaser to show whats to come.

Today I saw his video complete online at Sicklines and wow, holy shit this video is what makes you want to go out and ride.

If you do not click that link and get stoked then I better see your bike up for sale and buy a set of golf clubs.

Look for Andi on our new Silent guide in January, welcome aboard Andi!

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