Saturday, November 6, 2010


Camp of Champions recently sent me over Gopro to play around with, So i have been trying to think of new angles to try with different types of riding. Although this angle isn't anything new it was certainly ghetto with a bottle of water and heavy bike lock duct taped to the back of my helmet as a counter weight. This was to help with the weight of the Gopro that was hanging out a meter in front of my head attached to some PVC pipe. Anyway this was the end result which i guess worked out well, gives me some other ideas to play.



Apart from mucking around with things like this lots of digging has been done with all the rain we have been getting. The sun has been really slow in coming out as we creep in to the start of our summer here in Aus. But its coming none the less and that means more beach and riding time :)

Also working on another edit which will be out soon i hope :)

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