Monday, November 1, 2010

Check out this pumpkin! Suicide cookies too!

Check out this pumpkin that Dennis carved up.   actual pumpkin with actual burger jumbo patty with all the mixings of a Big Mac. Do not ask us why. It had to be done!


Here is Dennis down at McDonalds receiving the final touches of his combo.

Pumpkin Service

Since this is food related –if big macs are even listed as food, I let my own creative side go last week before the weekend festivities sparked off.

I was a bit humbug this Halloween and laid low but I thought I’d feel better if I brought a few people down with me so I embarked on a suicide cookie binge!

Idea is simple and hella fun, I won’t hold it against you if you want to steal my thunder and try this at home.

First you get a fortune cookie…


Step : This is tricky and it may require some wire and needle nose pliers. Work the wire inside and wiggle the paper message around until it works itself upwards enough to grab it with pliers.



Step 2: Remove original message and insert your own. This is where your creative artistic side comes out. I like to swap out the positive message for an exact opposite one hence the name Suicide cookies. I was out of red ink but the victim will not even know the difference.


Step 3: This takes some balls but I opted for the President and CEO’s desk as a good home for my pre weekend suicide cookie, your choice may vary. I suggest Fridays so that they laugh it off over the weekend.



Sneeck said...

Your kid will lose an arm!? Seriously that's somehow disturbingly funny for a fortune cookie rofl.

FLTV said...

Haha, insurance will not pay...