Thursday, March 19, 2009

MTBCUT custom gear!

Just like the Nickle Plated pedals these are off limits too! Cruel and unfair some of you may say but these are only for Team and their race season, more info and news release on whats up.

Just some more Ego stroking for us but we deserve it!!

>>>>> MTBCUT BLOG gear shots! <<<<<

"I'm not one of those riders who craves shiny new parts for my bike. I've never understood those people who know study every single product and always ask you what you think of the new Shimano HCR Shiny Anodized Whatdyamabollox.... However there are a few things now and again that are just SICK.

So a delivery comes through today courtesy of those awesome people at Straitlines

I showed a video of the pedals being produced a few weeks ago but today as they hit the sunny (it is honestly) shores of Scotland, this kit looks so cool. They'll look just sweet on the MTBcut/Cyclejersey Orange 224's..... and they'll also stand out just lovely on my 5 year old hammered dirt jump bike!"

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