Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sicklines shows some love!

The guys over at Sicklines must have had a slow month and decided to put our gear in the spotlight.

Check it all out here. Actually I am going to make this fun.
if you want to see the full preview you have to click on this embarrassingly labeled link...

New Kids On The Block Fan Club!

Hope no one is looking over your shoulder this could be a trick!


dotca said...

That is sex. It would go very well with that chrome or whatever Norco 250 frame! Now I want a MTB just to have Straitline goods on it! Hahaha. Greg, check your email! I sent you one a while back about my jam. Reply to it! Also, check out my new interview, hahaha. It's with a rad as hell rider too. www.dotca.tk Blow up them pedals too, I want a video of it!

Pete said...

Every time you make a new color my wallet hides in fear of being emptied. I even considered getting my own anodizing setup because of you Greg!

By the way, the electroless nickel plating is awesome, I want them so much!

Anonymous said...

just when you thought you have it all .. somethiong new comes up ;)

Straitline Components said...

These are proto pedals off limits to everyone until the fall! Team pinkbike will be running them and only them.

We sent Ten off to Spain and Ten off to Italy basically as far away as possible and what I have on hand is for team support.

Dotca, I'll check your email!

Florian said...

Nice pedals!

You may want to fix your URL to the website under the "Welcome to the Blog" area as it is wrong, it is going to "http://straitline.blogspot.com/www.straitlinecomponents.com" instead of "http://www.straitlinecomponents.com" .

Take care!