Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Straitlines New Pedal is coming…


So we have been waiting to show off our new Wharehouse until the Robotic arm is set up for cool factor but we have grown and new toys are all around.

Dennis just finished programming the Fanuc Robot to load and unload our new AMP pedal into our new Okuma mill.  These two love birds are going to be making 180 pairs of finished pedals all on its own, programs are not written yet but we are shooting for 2 day cycles.

They will work 24/7 while we sleep at night and twirl in our office chairs in the daytime. God Bless modern Robotics.

The Amp Pedal stands for its intended use All Mountain – P for pedal, clever marketing yes but the design has been catered for the elite DH racing crowd as well. It will be identical to our Platform pedal currently offered using Igus bushings, double redundancy retention system and easy as pie to maintain and work on. 

The size and weight will be smaller and lighter than our Original free ride pedal and those who count grams will choose this pedal and the Racers as well for tighter cornering. 


Here is Our Mori NH400 loading a pallet of second opt pedals and a final opt on Jeff Lenosky’s old JLO pedals in need of some final thread tapping for the traction pins.

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Dan Webster said...

RAD!! From the description, those AMP pedals sound super!