Friday, April 1, 2011

Straitline and Dunbar release the Quickie Stiffy!

When big mind collide unicorns are born in thunder claps of geniuse!

DunbarCycles will be backing this product in the biggest endorsement deal ever signed in MTB history.

Behold… the Quickie stiffie! Get yours today!

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“Dunbar Cycles recently inked a deal with TSN for a reported $680,000 for a series of TV commercials, featuring the launch of a new product, to air during this years Hockey playoffs. This sets the record for the most dollars spent by a cycling company for a single advertising campaign. Dunbar Cycles CEO, Rob Venables, stated in an interview: "As soon as we got word of this new product, we knew that it would revolutionize the cycling world and we had to jump on the opportunity"
The Commercial is said to be starring Canadian Superstar Steve Smith, who recently won the Silver Medal at the 2010 World Championships in Mont St. Anne, Quebec.
Click on the video below to check out the new TV ad.”

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