Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Taipei show without the lame stuff!

We attended the Taipei trade show over in Taiwan last week. It is basically a place you go to outsource and meet suppliers but we make it all in-house so we just went to check it out and meet some key distributors.

The show was full of lame spin offs and the cool stuff was nothing new so enjoy my compilation of sight seeing I did.


Dennis is the owner of Straitline and he is pretty fly for a white guy in our escalator session in the 101 tower.


The 101 is their pride and joy and the tallest building in the world open for public.

round bar delivery 115

Get this… this is a cardboard couch? It blew my mind and I took a hundred photos of it shrunken and extended, by far the coolest thing I saw.

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When you order food they give you a beeper that also vibrates and informs you of specials. Second coolest thing I saw.

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Why did they reject my license plate but he got his?

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I was rubbing my forehead but I guess their flu scanners are smarter than my pranks.

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The view from on top of the 101 tower of Taipei City.

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The tower is so tall they designed a counter weight that swings when the wind blows and stabilizes the building. This thing weighs more numbers than I can count.

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We designated each ring a set value and proceeded to turn the weight into a drinking game, top ring won a beer. We chanted USA USA USA as we did it before leaving. Sorry America, it’s what we always do when we travel.

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We went into the family portrait studio and too ka family photo super imposed over the tower photo. I do not want to post the actual shot, but Jay from Banshee myself and Dennis are acting out a scene While Jonathan, our Mainland China distributor, played a pervy tourist. The staff oddly were not even phased.

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That may look like a guy on his knees in a stall because that’s what it is. Jay From Banshee insisted we tried the automated japanese toilet.

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It was like showing a remote tribe a television, it blew us away.

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I still have my leg injury so after all the walking i became a princess and went for massages and came out understanding the meaning of pain. They literaly come at you with sticks, I should have brought a knife to defend myself.


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Oh and the animals were amazing, I just wanted to hug them all!

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I used a Spanish voice in my head when I talked to this guy

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Awe… nature calls and this guy is answering

round bar delivery 322

What is that in the distance?

round bar delivery 089

Oh, never mind, it is just a wiener dog talking to a British Spaniel.

  round bar delivery 091

This one is fugly…

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This is smart attire for tropical environments like Taipei Why the pants do not match the top is beyond me!

round bar delivery 078

I have to show a bit of bike stuff. This beauty is something else. Who ever just solved the adjustable bar rake issue plaguing our sport, I salute you!

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Then we flew home and on the way to the airport I noticed that my driver had so courteously removed the belt buckle so that I wouldn’t need to strap in and be annoyed by constraints. After all we are on the Freeway and on the way to the airport, last chance for photos everyone!

round bar delivery 166

Believe it or not this is actually our terminal sponsored by Hello Kitty! Not even joking about this, there is no way I could even dream this up.

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Now we are on a plane. It is amazing how people complain about the flights- like how i did on the way over- but no one ever gets off the plane and goes “Holy F**k I just flew in a metal tube at 45 thousand feet 800km an hour and watched 6 movies!” imagine how amazed the first people were when they flew compared to us now?round bar delivery 007


And we are home, the multi million dollar welcoming display at Vancouver international airport reminds you that there is no place like home and that we have more eagles than the Americans so why do they have it as their national bird? Run-on?

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