Friday, March 4, 2011

NKOTB stands for awesome!

This scene was cut from Ryan wants to Stoke you out! All because you guys missed the epic era of NKOTB and it made no sense unless you were up to  speed. Pass word "straightline" proper spelling unlike our true brand name.


And feel free to check the final cut out and you be the judge


And yes I personally own two limited edition still in the box Donny and Danny dolls. Laugh at me know but I have sent them on a world tour first to rep our Austrailian national DH team and to announce their new world tour. Next is Britain, where they will over see Straitlines Team MTBCUT in their national series then Germany.

Here is Danny (left) and Donny (right) catching a tan in Melbourne Australia after being unpacked with our race rings by Ty at Groupe Sportif. I think Danny has been using tan in a can…

world tour



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