Friday, March 4, 2011

Camp of Champions bad ass team!

Stoked on this team for Camp… 4 of our riders will be repping camp and the sport in general stoking the hell out of kids.

Casey Groves

Mike Montgomery

Jack Fogelquist

And… Brett Tippie our new member.


Oh and here is how I first really met Tippie outside of his free ride movies.

Its a good story,stay with me.

We were at Sea Otter classic heading to the Race Face Mansion party -better known as the sausage fest party- in our luxury Camp of Champions bus.

SEA OTTER 2010 007

I so thoughtfully bought a Hello kitty piñata, 2 flats of Coronas and candy to stuff the piñata with.

SEA OTTER 2010 019 

Arrived fashionably late with 2 our house warming gifts…

SEA OTTER 2010 023

We carefully hung it for the festivities to come…

SEA OTTER 2010 026

Then Tippie came out of know where, removed it to what I thought would be a better place for us all to enjoy… but then this happened.

SEA OTTER 2010 027

Brett lost control and showed us how he breaks piñatas…SEA OTTER 2010 028SEA OTTER 2010 031SEA OTTER 2010 032SEA OTTER 2010 029SEA OTTER 2010 030

The pinata never stood a chance…


Then out of know where Casey groves ripped its head off and wanted to become a human piñata…


SEA OTTER 2010 033

SEA OTTER 2010 035

So we gave him a beat down!

SEA OTTER 2010 037

That's how I first met Brett, at a sausage party with my Hello Kitty pinata.


But back to camp… it is going to be a awesome year up in the mountains.

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