Friday, March 25, 2011

Our Taiwan visit and Banshee

We snuck off to the taipei show in Taiwan last week and I honestly have a new respect for the manufacturing sector over there. It was a wild city and the show is typical for those looking to meet a manufacturer but we went over to meet with distributors and learn more about the growing markets.

 round bar delivery 115

We stayed in Charming City Hotel, a baller of a hotel, marble everything and right down town.

round bar delivery 113

Rob at Banshee bikes organized it all and we stayed with Aaron Larocque and the PinkBike crew and I ended up being the responsible one and never partied but they rolled in at 4 am nightly. Just putting that out there for a high five because trade shows can kill you and this time my credit card isn’t maxxed.round bar delivery 072

After the show we bailed but Aaron and Rob went south Island for some riding and filming and they captured Rob and His brothers little jump park.


Check out the video and send it around, it has a great vibe and it shows that it only takes a few to grow a market and a good bike scene.


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