Monday, April 12, 2010

Fogelsode #23: Some of My Sandier Days

After a few days of steady rain, most of the spots turned into swamps while the step-up got nice and soft.  The wet sand sticks together nicely, so we took advantage of it and rebuilt the trick drop.  After a solid and sandy sesh on that, we had the idea to build a lip next to it for a “trick step-down”.  Before we knew it, it was all ready to ride!  I had the urge to flip it, as one of my goals this year was to flip a step-down, so I took a few practice runs and went for it.  It felt super crazy flipping while falling, so I bailed and got a mouthful of sand.  Thankfully that was it, so I hiked back up and tried it again…and again, and again, until I finally started committing all the way.  I started landing on my wheels, but kept sliding out until the run I stuck it!  That’s definitely one of the best feelings!

p4pb4865106[1]We were back a few days later for another sesh.  David landed his first backflip, Kevin got used to his new bike, and Jeff worked on his barspins.  We had a fun sesh on a cool hip that someone recently built.  It’s a right hip, so it was nice to practice some tricks on, as almost every hip around here is to the left.  I’m getting pretty stoked on that place this time of year.  With all of these new lines and the ease of making more, it’s turning into a rad spot to learn and dial in pretty much whatever you want!




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