Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sea Otter with Camp of champions was sick!

Well, we are back or I guess I – Greg- am back from California Sea Otter 2010 and my Apologies for the dead site, I fell of the grid and it felt great!
Fresh air and ocean…
SEA OTTER 2010 009
SEA OTTER 2010 042
SEA OTTER 2010 041
So I promise many vids, pics and updates from it. I had missed two of the 4 days because something in my leg went POP then I went OWE  but managed to do a mini vid on the chain guide with Bike magazine.

Rockstar I tell ya!

Straitline's Silent Guide from Bike Magazine on Vimeo.
And our camp of Champions bus ride down was so fun, even though it took 36 hours when the norm is 19-24… not saying someone never knew where they were going or anything !! Plus the 5 hour free physical we received from Homeland Security / US border Cross guards didn’t help shave any time off. 
 SEA OTTER 2010 008
Check out Ken from Camp of Champions fast edit capturing what we saw.

Race Face invited us to their mansion –Pinkbike and RF always rent mansions to accommodate all the people and we enjoy crashing their spaghetti parties.

As polite guests we brought house warming gifts… the Mexican food store next to the hotel only had hello Kitty Piñatas and candy so we settled for that and coronas. Not going to lie, it was pretty sweet!
SEA OTTER 2010 019
Gareth Dyer, head coach at Camp of Champions was in charge of the piñata ‘s safety during transport.
SEA OTTER 2010 023
Well.. it was sweet until Tippie came along. Confused with the tradition of the piñata… he created a awkward moment for all.
SEA OTTER 2010 028
There are more, Ill show them later on!
SEA OTTER 2010 030
So I hope that tides you over, the blog had a big stall my bad!


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