Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wow, this is a must read! Oh, and Elixir blades are here!

This was sent to me by Mark at BTI our friendly US distributor and I can only assume this will go viral, it is messed up and makes me want to just stay home.

It is a bit graphic so if you get disturbed by hand brakes penetrating hands do not click the link to the full story!

So… since this is brake related, I have been waiting to announce that we have finally made our Elixir lever! They were done last fall but we were focused on the Silent guide and needed some machine time to get them ready.


Ta da…


We mixed it up with our traditional smooth cnc style by throwing in some 3d milling, looks sick!


Ryan said...

Its cool to see the xray of the brake lever.

Sneeck said...

Anyone else got an itchy feeling in your wrists when looking at those pictures?

And I get no internal damage at all? That is just amazing. If it cut some nerve or something chances could be he couldn't use his hand anymore.

Lovely levers, the 3d machining is a very nice subtle touch.

KingRoon said...

Can't wait to get a set of these levers for my Elixirs.. When's the release date? Also, in green please ;o)

Straitline Components said...

they are leaking out into the market now, just ask your shop to contact our nearest distributor, no idea where you are at. Green... nope, ours is not nice enough to be seen, we didn't like the look so enver made anything in green, few levers but that was years ago.

KingRoon said...

Sweet, I'm in the UK.. Just found them on CRC, awaiting stock..

Shame no green, but no gold either, guess it'll be the Ti Grey then :o)