Thursday, October 15, 2009

Straitline Front Cover of American Machinist!

This is us just being us and having fun down in America for Interbike Vegas!


This is us trying to be a bit more professional for a magazine spread in American Machinist!

lenosky flat black 020


Yes we love to have fun, yes we own a state of the art facility, and yes we need to drive it home how high tech we have been getting over the past 5 years… but there is a fine line of being a geek and boring the hell out of people so we just have fun and show tid bits of it all in the blog.


Few months back we took a call from Mori Seiki mentioning how American Machinist caught wind of our facility and wanted to learn more about our choice to evolve into a modern automated machine shop. I also think it is really important to drive home the costs and the overheads that a “TRUE” manufacturer carries with him and the staggering amount of processes needed to make a single product come to life.  This is a age of the “BRAND” where you outsource your goods to a manufacturing firm and carry little to no overhead what so ever.  Most of our clients are modern day Brands, nothing really wrong with that by any means but few really get to visit a facility to see how your shiny new product was made.


The flip side of the brand movement is that the product still needs to be made and someone somewhere just got hired to make it for you, stuff does not just fall out of trees and into Wall marts department stores. There is a lot of behind the scene work that goes on and I hope this article shows a bit about who we are and why we chose to automate our facility and prove that manufacturing in North America is not dying off rather it is coming back and thriving with the use of these modern machines! 

I think we are running at 19 hours a day of un manned CNC machining so I must warn you this article is basically like porn for machinists, it can get a bit techy but at least check out the pretty pictures on page 12!




Oh, and you may notice a theme on the front cover!  That is Lama Cycles/ Morewood team rider all dressed up in the finest components.

. 787735714f


His frame is actually made in house by our good friends in South Africa Patrick Morewood and his co pilot Richard Carter.

 patrick morewood EUROBIKE 09 125

The wheels and hubs are by none other then Industry 9!

Canadian newbie's Elka Suspension –hard to see in the shots but trust me they are on the rig. I have a stage 5 installed on my Banshee Wildcard and these guys have a strong background in suspension, stoked for them!

And lastly all dressed up in Straitline Components gear!

morewood lama 005


Lama Cycles has also been appointed as a distributor for Straitline so expect to see them on the Race Courses next season with their pimped out Morewood rigs.

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