Monday, October 26, 2009

Ryan Berrecloth on Pedals!

Ryan showed us his video he made with Baxter of Fernwood Media while we were down in Vegas and this is the end result!



Ryan is rocking a set of our red Straitline Pedals in the video, a much needed tool if you have ever dropped into a long gnarly interior line like that!  Everything looks mellow on film until you sit on top of the chute, this is when grippy wide platforms are heaven sent as you hold on!


Enough about Ryan, me time. Here is a retro shot of me dropping into a line near my hometown of Summerland B.C.! I shot it on Video and you swear that a kid could do it on a Trike. Nothing beats your own eyes to appreciate a line and that line Ryan attempts on Helmet camera is fricken gnarly fast!


This was my playground for the fall, then I’d migrate to Victoria first snowfall to ride street.


And big, huge thanks to Baxter for hooking me up with my product shots that I desperately needed to meet catalogue deadlines.

Baxter shows up, sets up, shoots leaves and I tell everyone that I did it after hours!

FTP 2009 - 10 PRODUCT 008


Bling Bling!


Anonymous said...

I love the look of your pedals with silver axels are you offering that on the production pedal's? I'd love a pair with silver axels or better yet titanium axels!

Straitline Components said...

Those are all 2010 shots it is getting phased in as we speak. They are chromoly but with a special heat treatment / finish for the effect. I think we will pass on titanium until we develop a lighter use version SL pedal. We promote this as a heavy hit pedal and chomoly is what we want to use and it would have restrictiosn on weight.
It does look pretty sick though, I like the new logo placements too!