Friday, October 2, 2009

What’s Next is Free for Downloading!



Aaron LaRocques worked hard for this, pretty rad how he came out of know where taking the prime spot in Whistler during Krankworks to showcase  What’s Next, then off to a Live viewing in a Mansion in Las Vegas where Pinbike streamed it Live! 

On top of all the posh time slots and premiers he is keeping the video 100% free for everyone to enjoy!


Not Bad for a White guy!





Huge thanks to Julian Coffey-  RaceFace for making it happen it was a blurry night full of Limo’s and Keg Stands!  You can catch all the drunken mayhem in this LINK HERE

I got thrown in the pool, but my loyal posse was kind enough to check for cell phones and passports but left my wallet,  bug thanks for that.  The four kegs and private bar was matched with amazing food service, it was the party to be at.


See us in the back with the feet in the pool, also see all the guys? it did lean towards the sausage party side of things but it was a Industry gig and the strip wasn’t too far away.


Casey Groves, Dustin Greenall, Mark Mathews, Andrew Sherry and the infamous Aussy Alan Hepburn had some sick segments.

Enough Hype, watch this video!!! 

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