Thursday, October 1, 2009

Camp of Champions…. Killed my dog

That title just sounds dramatic, I don’t even own a dog. But this lady does and call me immature but I find it funny.

This blog does have a point to make….

Some of you may have seen our annual retarded April Fools prank, last year we enforced a new controversial Bear Bell Law. Some people got mad at us, their bikes clearly made enough noise on the trail to scare a bear, others asked themselves why a Gorilla is drinking Starbucks in the promotional video!

The kid we called up to do our promo video was Eric Peterson of Fault line Media , he showed up and we shot this retarded prank mostly all in one take, done in 40 minutes. Check it out if you missed it!

Straitline Bear Bell Technology from Eric Peterson on Vimeo.


Now Eric is all famous and working for Camp Of Champions  in Whistler as their Camp Videographer, capturing all the mayhem on and off the hill.  He pretty much landed the funnest job in Whistler, food, drinks, party, ride, sleep, repeat.  He also just did a cool write up on Pinkbike that I guess sounds like a paid promotion since is was on payroll but every year I go up it seriously is amazing. Red bull is there pumping the beats, massive barbecues, half pipes, foam pits all you have to do is look at their Ski/Snowboard side of camp to understand where the bike division will be going.


They even have their own private Glacier on top of Blackcomb for god’s sake!

Casey Groves, Alan Hepburn our little freestyle rippers are annual coaches at the camp so Straitline is tied in pretty heavy with the camp and I guess now I sound like a paid for advertisement, lol.  The camp is sick, just check it out on pinkbike and watch this video.


Also they have a sense of humour and a huge part of why we sponsor their camp, just click this to see their Magical Masterbating Marmot Mascot one notch up over the classical wolf howling at the moon!


Next season at Camp you can expect to ride 24 of the worlds top FREERIDE/ DH rigs on the market all dressed up in fresh Straitline gear, leave your bike beat on theirs!


Humor is a must for attending camp, stay at home if the opening video was not at least a bit funny!

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