Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Weather Closure!

I am going to be using our main blog to sound off on any bike park announcements as this blog has better traffic than Below is mentioning that we shut the park due to bad weather! You will be hearing a lot about this park next Spring when we complete the Pro sections and pump track expansions. Gonna be good!


The park is open to public and free for all to use between dawn and dusk but some of you may have noticed the gate is closed from time to time.  This is for safety reasons and for the park general health too. The park can also be shut down at our discretion if some one has modified the course in anyway and we need to repair the damage but for the most part not a problem at all, the weather is to blame! 


When it rains heavily the jumps become  wet and slimy causing concern for safety as there is little to no traction at all, and when you ride the jumps or the pump track with or without proper tires you cause extreme damage to the surface.


Then when it all dries out we are left with heavily rutted tire tracks all over the park so we must close it down until it dries up! This drains our resources and partial course closures or the entire park needs to be closed for repair.


This Saturday we are holding a cleanup party, basically a modest day raking rocks and debris off the course so that we can prepare the site wit ha product called Soil Tac!  What Soil Tac does is penetrate the surface of the park about an inch thick making water bead off the surface almost making it into concrete. This will save the park from heavy winter conditions and all of us can ride it safely!

We would have don't this before but the funds were simply not there to do so until now through very generous donations and community support!


Keep in mind this entire park has come to life through the endless hard work of a small group of people and as with every project of this size and the amazing growth we have had there are communication issues and lack of man hours  at times.   We will promise to have this blog updated every time the park is closed so you can check prior to driving or riding out.


Thanks a bunch and we hope to see you this Saturday!

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