Thursday, October 29, 2009

Want to see our Warehouse?

This is titled Ghetto shop tour #2 for a reason, that is what it is and the first one was even worse so enjoy the show!

This is where the magic happens and we are pretty proud of what we have achieved over the many years of working our buts off to get to this point. The icing on the cake was taking front cover of American Machinist not anything that will sky rocket Straitline’s sales through the roof but the CNC dorks can sure have a good read!

Check it out here AMERICAN MACHINIST!  


Oh and this young gun needs some love! 

[lenosky flat black 028[4].jpg]


Kyle Marshall is up for athlete of the year over at Cycling BC



Local ripper Dean Tennant is also up for the award…

It is a hard choice as I know them both but let me fill you in on Deans dark secrets…




Now for the sake of FAIR voting we should look into Kyle's life too…




I hope this makes it a fair fight!


Go Vote now and do what’s right for all of humanities sake!

1 comment:

Sneeck said...

ouh those are hot

rofl that was a smart idea to grab screw's which just got milled:D

Very impressive machinery for such a small company. I bet many, many larger company's would be jealous if they could have the same machinery as you guy's do.

Nice vid, always fun to watch your video's(youtube channel) Keep it up and hurry with the chainguides allready!! Can't wait lol.