Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bidness N shit

Sorry we have been very busy working out a deal to acquire the buildings next door to accommodate yet another Tech upgrade.

I am going to keep it a surprise until we install the new machine and it’s personal slave but finally we have room to expand and stretch our wings.

Here is Denis and I working out a Bidness deal online with our new hands free head sets… not just all about the CNC over here, we are engineers and everything we see can be improved on.

hightek 004

Actually  we are just dialing in the new website and talking live with Trevor of Sploosh South Africa, I opted for packing tape while Dennis went for straight for the duct tape. I highly recommend never to try this, when the meeting ended it was like waxing your body and having all of your nose hairs pulled out at once.

hightek 003

hightek 001


So lots on the go, too much for one blog post but I’ll hammer up some updates soon.


But a few years back we were days away from owning a airplane hangar on the airfield down the road, it was pretty sick. But… me and my big mouth blogged about the deal a little to early and the deal fell apart in front  of our eyes. My bad.

But here is the original video I posted up because we were so stoked.. new buildings are ours so now I can post what ever I want… which I do anyways at all times but censorship sucks.


Sneeck said...

Cool 'bout time you guys get some forging machine's. CNC'ing stuff is sooooo 2009.

I'm still hoping you'll be secretly designing some kick butt cranksets. Would also be mad you see you make some hubs or something. You got the right tools to do it. With good forging machine's you'd be set for a few years. After that you can start thinking about making your own frame's and stuff.

But first please make some hope tech serie lever's. There is quite a demand for them i'm sure.

Straitline Components said...

nah, no forging equipment, we only forge the pedal pins other than that it would just sit idle we'd rather add more mills.
always a demand for levers but we wait and see what they will cross over to before we jump in head first.

Sneeck said...

So can you give a slight hint on what you are working on behind the scenes? There's gotta be a good reason you want even more expensive big fancy machine's and I doubt it's just to keep up with demand.

I'm dying for a atlas fr - like crankset in the x-ray colors. Deffinatly awesome.