Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Red Bull Dirt Pipe

About 3 months ago i received a phone call from the editor of [R]evolution magazine , Australia's leading gravity mag. The mission was 5 riders 3 photographers and 3 days at Redbull's famous Dirtpipe. When we all first rolled into the place and looked at the giant pipe the first thing i noticed is this thing is way bigger then any picture or video makes it look. Its a lot steeper then i thought it would be. The owner Mitch built the pipe as close as he could to a snowboard super pipe. So to see it in dirt was an amazing site and huge props Mitchell Smith and his crew that built it. The speed needed to get out of the pipe and make the jumps was also a surprise, you had to be going warp speed at some place especially the hips at the bottom which were the most fun. I spent most of my time just hitting the hips cause there is nothing better to float over then a huge boosty hip. Anyway the magazine is out so here are some shots of the trip. Get [R]evolution v20 for the full story.4



Alan Hepburn

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