Tuesday, July 6, 2010

This reminds me of my friends


I like how they are so excited for the carnage… look at the kids face when he peels it from the dirt. It’s all good because the cool kids are laughing, but at least he has climbed another level in the school!


So, this is why you use foam pits and air bags… bikes found off of the Wal-Mart discount flyer is best.


This is Alan Hepburn at Camp of Champions on a non Wal-Mart brand bike, made by Banshee and of course decked head to toe in Straitline. I would laugh when Alan alls too but Alan never falls enough for a good laugh.

XCOC2010X 021

Here is Alans update from Camp A

XCOC2010X 012

“Camp A just wrapped up here in whistler, the whole week was so much fun, Lots of riding everyday and all round good times.The campers get to ride banshee legend MKII ’s decked out in Race Face and Straitline products so they’re all buzzing from the get go. Video coming shortly.”


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