Monday, July 5, 2010

Game on! Mike Montgomery California Roll

I found this shot on the web and I cannot believe the ingenuity and progression displayed before me. All jokes aside this is is an epic display of what can be done when you put your mind to it.!

White Trash Repairs - What Foul Demon Created This?!

And lots of progression this Canada Long weekend weekend on the bike as well! I spent Canada day up in Whistler at the Camp of Champions and was in awe at what I saw. Montgomery pulled a 360 body varial he dubbed the California roll and now everyone who wasn’t there is debating if it was the first but rest assure it is the first on a 26.



Here was my angle of it all…


I wish that I caught it on film but Greg was hitting the jumps with his hands backwards on the bars… wrist out. When I asked him why he is riding like that he just said “I’m bored”! He went through most of his tricks like that and landed everyone

This film is by Eric Peterson of Faultline, he is getting all the camp footage and carnage as it happens.



I’ll caption this shot for everyone… “My name is Mike and I just did a California Roll, WTF have you done?”

XCOC2010X 042

Camp coach and Straitline factory rider Alan Hepburn

XCOC2010X 039

Alan again but this time he’s spicing it up on his Unicycle.

XCOC2010X 024

XCOC2010X 012

Camp coach and Straitline Factory rider Jack Folgelquist was right behind Alan throwing tricks.

XCOC2010X 037 


XCOC2010X 031

Jack smiles a lot and if you watch him mid air he is perma grin.

XCOC2010X 044

Watts, Hepburn, Montgomery, Dyer, Cho Cho and Ryan Berrecloth somewhere out of frame.  Mr Groves had to leave for Goatstyle, in fact everyone is heading to Goatstyle next week to earn a spot at Crankworks.

XCOC2010X 008

The man behind it all Ken Achenbach. He owns a backcountry cat skiing firm and runs a SKI/BOARD/BIKE camp in the summer aka my new BFF.

XCOC2010X 034

Found this thread and Kens response to player haters after viewing the video below. Sums it up pretty good.

“It's pretty classic how every thinks you get "Sent" to COC. Kids actually beg all year to come to camp and when they get here they ride from sun up to sun down because it's their dream to come to camp. It's why we work so hard to make every day absolutely insane. Coming from a single parent family without two cents to rub together I know how hard everyone works for the money that camp costs, whether you are rich or poor. It's my dream to enable people to ride in an amazing place, ride amazing bikes and meet amazing people and make friends with them. Give them the opportunity that I never had. So I can understand the "F that 2 grand" I can also understand the "I want that and I will do whatever I have to do to come to camp." I collected bottles, shoveled snow, and mowed lawns to get the things I wanted. Things taste the best when you work for it and 99% of the kids that come to camp work for it. Be it getting good grades, doing chores or slaving as a dishpig. That's why camp is so fun. Everyone here wants to be here. I'd kill myself if I ran a camp where people get "Sent" We teach riders to Send It!
Bored kids go to the mall. Smart kids go biking.

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