Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cutom Painthouse Kali helmets

Behold the work of Stacey Glaser from Painthouse!

m7l8u0h1 Win An Exclusive Custom Dirt Helmet

Stacey painting up the God Fathers lid and now look at what he is up to with Dirt magazine in the UK!


Stacey painted my helmet last year and I was so impressed at his level of skill I introduced him around to a few Magazines knowing they’d be just as stoked. First he did the Decline helmet for Scott Hart and now he has Blessed Dirt readers with a chance to win big!

dirtkalihelmet Win An Exclusive Custom Dirt Helmet

I personally picked these up myself at Sombrio on the shore where his GF worked, It was way sicker in hand with all the chameleon paint. Very very in your face, I am somebody type of helmet, Stacey turns some heads with his style.

dirtkalihelmet1 Win An Exclusive Custom Dirt Helmet


So DIRT decided to run a contest to win these one off custom helmets and the contest  to win this is pretty frickin simple… in just a few words tell them why you deserve the full face or the xc lid!!




Take a long read at the reasons, some guys are funny as hell and others are almost in tears begging.


Of course the helmet has a small Straitline logo on it and if you have yet to see a KALI in person they can back up their hype! Best of luck and go enter this is the easiest contest to date.

Another example of Stacy's work

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