Thursday, July 8, 2010

Micro machining up close! Shots by Rob @ Banshee Bikes


I did a blog post a while back on some small connectors we were doing for clients but this time I have a better example of what precision machining truly is.

The Part shown on this fine Canadian Penny is 5 Thou in diameter, turned from a 1/4” brass bar.  the overall length of the part is over 1” long, the line crossing the brass pin is actually a human hair!

The machining tolerance on this part is –.0000 +.0002” or 1/15th the thickness of the hair shown in this photo. 12,000 of these parts were produced flawlessly on our Citizen Cincom L20 within the allotted tolerances' of the design. When we manufacture our Bike products we hold all of our tolerances' part after part as if it was for a client in the aerospace industry. These parts are for Big Brother, not the TV show but the real Big Brother who is watching me type this and what I just did the bathroom.


The human hair was pulled from DJ’s head and placed under the microscope to verify its thickness. We typically run these parts though specialized measuring machines that verify our tolerances are being held and we respectfully can actually use the term Precision machining because we can verify every part to back it up.





The part shown is a rejected part so excuse the bend, it was damage but is a great specimen to show off under the microscope and the following video is of a larger Cincom by Citizen and they are referred to as a Swiss Style machine and just like the manufacture who makes this high tech machine, it is used to produce all those micro parts in your watches. This video is the best example to date of how the machine works on multiple axis


Here is the post I did before on a larger but more complicated connector that required the microscope and all of our measurement machines to verify and correct any oddities in the machining of it.


And this is just my favorite video of all time, has nothing to do with anything just funny.

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