Friday, October 29, 2010

Justin Wyper front flip stepdown/ Casey bike check

VOD on Pinkbike today is of Justin on his blackmarket killswitch filming out in Kamloops and Kelowna BC. If anyone reading this is ever coming to BC look at your airport on the map, most likely Vancouver international, and plan a road trip to the Okanogan. It’s not all about Whistler, the valley has 2 lift access hills Silverstar/Vernon and SunPeaks/Kamloops. This video shows only the Kamloops bike park on Rose hill but the terrain is diverse and fast, you’ll be in awe if you go and you can still squeeze in Whistler if you backtrack through Pemberton to Whistler on the back roads.

Casey Groves has discovered Pilsner in this video, by next year he will be either killing it on the bike or that guy hanging in the park with his shades on. Nah he’ll be killing it as usual.



Casey sent us his bike check, it’s pretty super!

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