Friday, October 22, 2010

Riding on Minnesota’s North Shore…FTW?

Josh from QBP sent me his freeride update from Minnesota USA.  I flew to Bloomington MN for QBP’s show and assumed that the city would be ugly and industrialized, however when you get there it is beautiful and I arrived in February!  The buildings were all nice modern red brick style and everyone was oddly super friendly. Not so much mountainous but tons of hills to explore and that's what Josh has been doing.

QBP’s freeride blog:

Oh, and I do have a photo of Josh that is quite interesting from when we met up in Whistler. Not going to show it here and loose my leverage over the relationship but it can be boughten if anyone out there needs to blackmail Josh.

And check this out… Josh’s first time in Vegas, repping QBPwell in his gangster threads


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