Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mike Montgomery at Woodwards

Wish I had a RV in black.

Road Trippin with Mike Montgomery from Alpinestars USA on Vimeo.


Mike road his Banshee AMP and our Pedals to a second place win at Krankworks along with Casey Groves taking a epic 3rd on his Transition, look below to see how dumb he is.


So to see him with his Banshee MK11 rig seems a bit out of place, almost over kill but this is the steed he built up for The RedBull Rampage last month.

I set him up with 2010 JlO pedals but was out of the signature 24 karat gold pins, more like I was in a rush. Mike was up at Camp of Champions compound in Whistler along with 4 other Straitline riders Jack Fogel, Ryan Berrecloth, Alan Hepburn and Casey Groves. As usual I was late for the ferry off the island and in a rush grabbed a handfull of parts to build the pedals and made Mike and Fogel realize how simple they are to build up. They got a classy grocery store bag full of parts and a chain guide in pieces to build up, I used my leg injury as an excuse, it still works, and avoided all the work.

Then Mike called up just as I was heading to Europe for a show and asked for a 50 mm boxxer for the Rampage, so we hooked him up and check this footage out of him flat spinning his dh bike. it’s on facebook only, sorry peeps.


Pretty sick color scheme, wish I had a Legend in black.


Mikes build goes as follows:

Medium Black Anodized Banshee Legend, Manitou Dorado with Custom Green decals, Cane Creek XXc II headset, Straitline Stem, ODI Handle Bars and Grips, Formula Brakes, XO Rear Shifter, Manitou Rear Shock, Race Face Atlas FR Cranks, Straitline Silent Guide ,Straitline Pedals, XO Rear Derailleur, Atom Lab rims on Industry Nine spokes and hubs with Geax Neuron Tires.

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