Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lamest joke on Earth! Maybe the World! Maybe the Planet!

So I just heard this joke told with enthusiasm and it was the most awkward moment of my life.

If a Seagull fly's over the Sea what fly's over the Bay?

Hold one, this will be painful….

                   A Bagel!!!

If you have ever told this joke in earnest, please go into the bush with no food and water and think on what just came out of your mouth.

Now this is funny!

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sean said...

Did you hear about the cow that tried to jump over the barbed wire fence?


It was an udder disaster.

^one of my only jokes, and I think it comes close to the level of yours.

My Straitline bashring gets loved, and by loved I mean abused, as often as possible.

Straitline Components said...

I think you need to go into the bush with the other fellow and reflect on what you just said!

Stay there until you rewrite that joke and include in at least a bar or a priest or a rabbi!

You hear about Michael Jacksons death being contested in the autopsy report? He never died from a pill overdose but from food poisoning.

It's true, no lie...

He ate a 12 year old weiner!!!

Yes That just happened, I said it lol.