Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Yah, what Banshee just said!

Because this is so poetically written I simply stole it instead of trying to compete!

Excerpts from the Banshee blog


“Jacob Gibbins has been the man behind the camera for most of our world cup team videos this year, as well as all track walk vids... check out this show real he put together, which features a lot of Adam Brayton, I might have to tell him to slow down so that he is in shot for longer....


Jacob made Adam sit down in a interview and be serious for once in his life. Adam talks out of his ass so this video is tame and we thank him for watching his P’s & Q’s!



This video was on Banshees blog and I just liked it, nothing to do with us but enjoy!


Ryan and Cody from Sam Tolhurst on Vimeo.

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