Friday, August 6, 2010

Crankworx Colorado

We went out and scoped the course on the morning of the qualifiers.  It rained hard the previous day, so we were welcomed with a slimy course.  The course builders were hard at work though, and got everything running in no time!


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Soon practice was on, and with an hour and a half before qualifiers, it was time to get lines figured out.  I figured out a solid run, and managed to get it on my first qualifier run!  I ended up qualifying 15th, making it into finals the next day.  We got a bit of rain later that day, and with thunderstorms on the forecast, nobody knew if the finals would happen.  We woke up to some nice sunny weather, and practice was on again!  With some gnarly looking clouds coming over the mountains, finals began and everyone headed up to the top.  I started my run tailwhipping the top drop, but overcleared a bit and overshot the next jump, not making it onto the wallride.  The wind started going crazy for everyone’s 2nd runs, with most people not making it through.  I tried tailwhipping the drop again, but landed a little weird and slid out.  The organizers let everyone redo their 2nd runs when the wind stopped.  About an hour later, we were back at the top ready to drop in.  I ended up getting my run, where I tailwhipped the drop, no-foot-canned the hip, foot-planted the T-Jump, 1-foot x-upped onto the whale tail, tailwhipped off, flipped the last jump, and tailwhipped the quarter.  It felt great making it through, especially after the 2 previous runs.  I ended up in 6th once everyone’s 2nd runs were through, so I’m super pumped on that!



Jack Fogelquist tailwhip during the Crankworx Colorado Slopestyle Final at the Trestle Bike Park in Winterpark Colorado.


Most of my run is in a video here


I just got one of the Wildcard Invites for Kokanee Crankworx as well, so I’m psyched for that!  Chillin up in Whistler right now, riding and having a good time!


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