Friday, August 13, 2010

Get Dirty!

I finally figured out how to set my post dates… I am amazed at how Dumb I am at blogging sometimes…

While you reading this I am on a deck, up in Whistler, beer in hand… watching the Slopestyle quali unfold right in front of us. I’’ll be with Lenosky and friends and those ever annoying Giant guys on the balcony to our right. So excuse me for pre-writing all this out but it’s not like I would be the news breaker on who won what anyways, you can scour the hot spots for it all. I will be super stoked if Straitlines very own Casey Groves and Jack Folgelquist do well though. I’d actually shit my pants if they podium’d, so cheers to that!

Enjoy this video I carefully selected for you until I am back on Monday, it may have been VOD but it is new to me and worth a second watch!

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