Friday, August 6, 2010

Warranty Junkies!

I used to be any brands worst nightmare, practically had a team of lawyers behind me scrutinizing all warranty programs for a loop hole. All I wanted was to get riding again and hey, they posted their warranty up so I just have to watch my words when I approach them. Now that I am inside the industry, circles deep if you will, I know have to handle the odd “mini me’s” who just want to get back on the bike and ride. 

We are blessed with very low warranty and respect every client and their issues but on the same hand we know what we make and back it up with reality. If you push it and abuse it things happen, frames will break it is a fact that material has calculated fatigue points. The bike brand is not a piece of crap just because it broke, half the people understand so little about the energy explosion related to a crash on the bike. No one in their right mind goes back to ford and asks for a new bumper because the one they bought is now crushed!

Then I saw this video on Dirts random Fridays post and laughed. When you have fun, things are open for damage but then again sitting at home is boring and riding a bike is not!  This video is an example of what really happened and definitely not what they explain to the Maytag repair man when he asks what happened. Honesty is best and thanks a lot to all of you out there who just bluntly tell us what happened… hats are off to you!


This is a email from “Mr Smith”, a refreshing view on the realities of our sport, it was to the point so I can post it up since it relates to the above.

“For what it’s worth, I know it’s been working well for me and it is truly quiet. As far as “falling off”, “bashed” & “bent”, that sounds like Dbag mentality. Worked at a shop for 10 yrs and know that it’s hard to convince people to own their own shit & that it’s actually their fault and the product does not contain common sense as a material. You can engineer around materials and empirical data ALL day long but you will NEVER have enough to engineer around a dumbass.”

Here is your treat for putting up with my mini rant, have a great weekend.


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