Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mike Montgomery VOD

Mike rightfully so stole the coveted Pinkbike POD today with a shot that captures how truly insane this years course was. Not saying that this is a good thing, most riders hated this years course and as Mike put it “The up top parts are kind of fun…” Then it just gets too gnarly but Huge congrats to Zink for the comeback, everyone did forget about him, its a shame how the industry works.


Mike ran a set of Jeff Lenosky flats on his Banshee amp.

mike vod krank

The event organizers must hate me because we always rent the pimp pad and hang our banners, they edit the crap out of all videos to exclude us and the photographers tend to find that perfect angle that excludes our banner. But c'mon we need money for technology not fancy booths in the village!


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